Consulting and Customized XR Solutions

There is no doubt that businesses today face multiple pressures to remain productive, maximize efficiency, and attract, hire, and train workers. And it can be difficult to visualize how to tackle these tough problems, or how a new technology like XR can address them. XRconnectED works with your team to identify how you can benefit from using XR, develop an XR strategy for you, and connect you to the right tools tailored to your needs and optimized for future growth.

Start small, but start now!

Educational Workshops and Presentations

We specialize in educational presentations that explain what XR is and how it can be used. We can tailor a presentation to your industry or business, discussing ways that other companies have used XR, applications that might work for you, and simple ways to get started.  Contact us to discuss a workshop or presentation that can stimulate creative thinking about ways to use XR to improve your processes, increase productivity, improve efficiency, and get new workers up to speed quickly.

360-Degree Video

We produce 360-degree videos to engage your customers, show off your facilities and events, train your employees, and more. Visit our 360 Video page or contact us for more information.

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