About XRconnectED

XRconnectED exists to connect businesses and educational institutions to the burgeoning field of XR technologies and to build community around XR in the Pittsburgh region. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and 360 video are rapidly developing and becoming important productivity tools in every industry. Many people are not yet aware that XR can be used for purposes beyond gaming. The purpose of XRconnectED is to inform companies about the ways that the technologies can be used and the benefits that XR can bring in productivity, efficiency, customer engagement, employee performance, and more.

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About Karen Alexander

Karen Alexander, PhD, has many years experience in higher education ranging across teaching, program design, journal editing, and college administration. Her areas of specialization include art, literature, film, and cultural production.

A lifelong learner and enthusiast for human ingenuity and creativity, she took a deep dive into XR soon after first encountering it and has been spreading the word about the potential of this tech ever since.

Karen founded XRconnectED in 2017 as a way to share her passion for XR technologies.  Initially attracted by the power of VR as an “empathy machine,” Karen soon also developed an appreciation for the startling effectiveness of XR in education and training as well as business processes such as sales and marketing, maintenance and repair, employee training, customer service and support, and collaboration.

Karen is co-president of the Pittsburgh chapter of the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Association, a global industry organization of which she has been a member since 2016. She has an extensive network of contacts in the industry and is up to date on the latest developments in this rapidly developing field.

PGH in 360: Youth Perspectives is a community project Karen created to empower local youth to showcase their perspectives on their neighborhoods, the city, and issues they care about while gaining foundational experience with XR technologies. She believes that affordable commercial 360 cameras can help democratize media production and facilitate citizen journalism.

Karen formed the 360 Alliance to provide 360-degree production services in partnership with experienced film and video professionals.

Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Karen Alexander earned a PhD in English Literature from the University of London and also holds master’s degrees in Issues in Modern Culture and Philosophy. Karen is committed to women’s advancement and gender and racial equality. She loves travel, hiking, and yoga, and is a perennial beginning ballet student.