Why XR?

XR technologies–virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and 360 video–will be ubiquitous tools within the next few years. XR can increase productivity, improve efficiency, engage customers, optimize worker performance, and save money. Visit our case studies page to see how some companies have benefited from adopting XR.

Every company needs an implementation road map that lays out how the organization will start to capture the benefits of AR in its business.

Harvard Business Review


XRconnectED can help you develop your implementation road map so you can start capitalizing on the benefits of XR for your company now. We design custom XR solutions to fit your needs and budget. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you improve processes in: Sales and marketing; Design and engineering; Customer service and support; Employee training; and more.

From oil and gas, media and entertainment, construction, engineering and manufacturing to healthcare, VR is being used to digitize businesses, improve customer experiences, train employees, enhance collaboration, improve product design and speed time to market.

Gary Radburn, Director of Workstation, Virtualization, Commercialization of VR & AR, Dell