XR Executive Summit

Incorporating VR/AR into Your Organizational Strategy

Wednesday April 10, 6-8:30pm, Carlow University

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This thought-provoking summit will help business leaders understand and identify opportunities for XR— Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR)—and will help them to make informed decisions for plotting a strategy to reap the benefits of XR technology.

  • Keynote Speaker
    • Yaser Sheikh, PhD, Director of Facebook Reality Lab
  • Panelists
    • Carl Brockmeyer, President and General Manager, Leybold North America
    • Gabrielle Hirsh, Undergraduate Student Researcher, Carlow University
    • Steve Leonard, Managing Director, Penn State New Kensington NEXTOVATION
    • Jennifer Roth, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology and Counseling, Carlow University
    • Neil Singh, Chief Strategy Officer, Mirari, and Business Develoment, Halo Media Works

Join us for a stimulating evening of learning and discussion. Attendees will receive a packet of resources that will assist in further exploration of the capabilities and benefits of XR technology. Dinner will be served.

Keynote speaker bio: Yaser Sheikh, PhD, is Director of the Facebook Reality Lab in Pittsburgh, which is devoted to achieving photorealistic social interactions in AR and VR. He also is an Associate Professor at the Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University. His award-winning research broadly focuses on machine perception and rendering of social behavior, spanning sub-disciplines in computer vision, computer graphics, and machine learning. He has been featured in various media outlets including The New York Times, BBC, MSNBC, Popular Science, and in technology media such as WIRED, The Verge, and New Scientist.

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Questions? Send an email to the Pittsburgh Chapter of the VR/AR Association Pittsburgh@thevrara.com